Horizon stove package


cast tec horizon stove 

staggered quartz/slate chamber

2 x natural flag Stone hearth or porcelain tile hearth 

316 flue liner kit 

co alarm

solid French oak beam



2022 ready 

The new Cast Tec Horizon 5 stove is smallest in the Horizon Stove family of quality multi-fuel steel stoves suitable for use with seasoned wood or HETAS approved smokeless fuels. The simple design is perfect for the most contemporary or traditional setting.

The Horizon 5 has an efficiency of over 80% and an output of up to 5kW and this stove can be fitted without additional ventilation.

The Horizon 5 benefits from all the features you expect in a modern Defra approved stove:
Triple burn technology with Primary Air (lever on bottom of door), Secondary Air Wash (lever above door) and Tertiary Air (air inlets in the rear of the stove) which mixes pre-heated air with exhaust gases allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove.
An external riddling rod to assist ashes to fall through the grate inside.

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